Pack & Jill + Techstars


This week we challenged ourselves to design a bag for Techstars LA. The brief that we set ourselves was simple. Design something unique that is representative of Los Angeles culture.

To go with the LA beach and surf culture we chose to design a surfboard carry bag. We took the product though our regular design sprint, from ideation to final concept, then applied the Techstars colorway.

P&J x Techstars - Project LA - bag_with_Middleton_shoulder-strap_lo-res.png

A modern take on the surfboard bag. The bag will be a signature piece in the Pack & Jill collection, and distinctive in the market. A concept design that conveys the Pack & Jill aesthetic through its form and function, revealing the possibilities of the company and brand.

This bag stands out with its use of materials, construction and style. Our design objective was to create a surf bag that was beautiful to all who see it, appreciated by both surfers and non surfers, with almost an artistic aesthetic. The bag should look and feel high-end premium while built to be long-lasting and durable.

Bag Features:

  • Natural leather + canvas materials
  • Eco friendly VPF foam for board protection
  • Premium stainless steel zippers
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Two separated board pockets
  • Multiple pockets for gear
    • Internal + external
    • Wet areas
    • Fin pockets/sleeves
    • Clothing pockets
  • Ergonomic shoulder strap
  • Carry handle and 
  • Future Option: Bag tracking technology